The Forest Pt II

Word of the Day Challenge & YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT. 3/7/19.ABJECT & DRIVE.

Lillee packed her things as fast as she could. Her kit always lay ready but she still had to gather her wards and amulets; sure she was that she would need them this night, such where the stories told about the forest.

She knew the distance was short, easily coverable under normal circumstances within three or four hours but Lillee doubted that these would be normal circumstances in the slightest. Her gifts not only allowing her to see the hour of a person passing but also see events that could lead to death, and she had seen many for herself that she now believed would happen this very night. This didn’t dampen her drive however, she was as determined as ever to complete her duty.

Lillee knew she needed speed and the only way to accomplish this was to take Dapple. She had owned him all his life and she hated the thought of making him go through the abject fear the forest would throw at them but she had little choice. As she saddled him up she cast the best protection spell she could on her trusty steed; such was her love for him.

Dapple could sense what was coming and was jittery, he really didn’t want to go but he knew if Lillee said it was important then it was. He had gotten used to jaunts at all hours when Lillee needed to do her work and had complete faith in her, but still, couldn’t shake the feeling something very bad would happen tonight.

Lillee mounted Dapple and set off at full speed, knowing she had just twelve hours to get to the king’s side before he drew his last breath. If she wasn’t there then the Kings Line would end and so would safe rule over Ernabeth. If this happened the lands would be plunged into a war that would last a thousand years as each race and clan attempt to take the throne for themselves.

The Forest knew she was coming. She too had powers, left over from her days as a witch; she could sense Lillee’s approach. The horse made her mouth water, so long had it been since she had tasted flesh; no animal daring to enter the woodland either. The horse would be an easy kill and would feed her strength before going after the grand prize… Lillee herself.

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