C = Cat…Siriusly!

C = CAT. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 3/7/19


The cat was a gift from my Lee for my birthday in 2017. He was born on valentines day and we got him eight weeks later. He is the most thoughtful gift I have ever been bought and certainly the longest lasting.

When you’re naming a pet, the usual suspects always appear. Tom, Puss, smokey; we had all the suggestions but none of them fit, nothing quite felt right for this tiny ball of soot that was always perched on my shoulder. No name seemed to fit his quirky personality or his odd-ball ways.

When he first arrived home we also owned two Rottweiler-Akita cross, teenaged pups; very bouncy and boisterous. They would pick the cat up and carry him off when we weren’t looking and the poor wee thing had to learn to stand his ground really quickly.

The downside to this, however, is that the cat now thinks he is a dog. He can’t cat at all.

Have you ever seen a cat that can’t jump up onto or down from a surface? Mine cant; he sits and shouts at you until you either clear him a path or you pick him up and put him down where he wants. He doesn’t even stalk the budgies or the birds in the garden!

It took us a good week or so to come up with a name for him. Nothing matched at all. What could we call this little ball of jet black fuzz that really didn’t know how to be a cat. Baby Bear 2 finally came up with the answer and nothing has ever fit so perfect…

BB2 is a huge (HUGE) Harry Potter fan and as such had the films on all the time. It was her suggestion of Sirius that we finally fit to him. He was Black and thought he was a dog. Nothing could be truer.

So the cat became Sirius Black! He’s even registered at the vets under the same name and we get a few giggles when he gets called in; especially when people realise he isn’t the dog they thought he was going to be.

Meet Sirius Black.

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  1. Cute little cat. We have a black cat with green eyes, a stray who adopted us. We named him Colbert after the comedian, Stephen Colbert. We also have a dog, but our cat definitely knows how to cat.

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