On the Beach.

World watercolour month & Doodlewash 

bring us a month of watercolour challenges. Get your brushes out and head on over to their site for full details.

Heres my entry for today. It’s plain and simple but I’m proud of it and am using it as the featured image in my a2z challenge. Head on over and check out the additions on there too.


Hope you enjoyed today’s challenge. Don’t forget to follow the link word/title back to the original post and enjoy other peoples entries too.
Don’t forget to leave me a comment in the box; It’s good to talk, or come along to my page and check out my other posts. Everyone’s welcome.

12 thoughts on “On the Beach.

Add yours

      1. You’re very welcome!

        I’ve managed to make a few decent paintings. I’ll post links if you care to see them.

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      2. https://theeclecticcontrarian.wordpress.com/2019/06/17/more-from-the-mind-of-john-2/
        My attempts at actual art^
        Some written form of art and my photography ^
        This painting was my very first! I ended up messing it up trying to “make it better” but I took a picture of it before and it turned out making a good background for one of my quotes. ^
        Photography and my writing. And assorted oddities… ^

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      3. I’m weird. In person I’m speak when spoken to… but in here I can’t shut up… and when nobody wants to talk I’ll go looking for someone who might lol…

        I often feel like I’m aggravating and I think because of how I am I do push people away, they say it isn’t so but I do believe they’re just being nice.

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      4. Well you haven’t pushed me away yet. And I’m still pretty stoked you following the blog and taking the time to talk to me!

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