B = BRAZY_CITCH. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge. 2/7/19

Ten years ago, I met and married my then-husband, Nucking Futter.

When we first met we both had a love of online chatrooms, MSN, Yahoo and CamFrog to name but a few; in fact, it is via this medium that we ever got introduced. A long forgotten site much like Facebook called My Yearbook was the culprit and he laughed at me for having a boring handle.

Back then I just went by my name and date of birth, I never really thought it important until I started to have the mickey taken out of me for it. When I decided to have a change and it was the husband who eventually chose one for me that stuck.

One of my all-time favourite songs is Buck Cherry, Crazy Bitch, I played it an awful lot whilst driving and the husband had a spoonerised handle too, so Brazy_Citch was born and it suited me right down to the ground. I am exactly that, a mixed up, Crazy Bitch!

Fast forward ten years and the husband is long gone but the handle lingers. I have changed it now to LillBlu but still, the old one follows me about as everything is linked to it. It makes me a little sad to think of its origins. Sad to think about the happy times we had before the $h!t storm started and the end drew closer.

Nowadays I’m still as crazy as ever but I prefer to go by the name I am making for myself.


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