#Stream of Consciousness Saturday, YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT, Word of the Day Challenge. 29/6/19. FOR/FOUR/FORE. HIDE. VACATION.


Its almost time!


Almost time for our summer vacation here. Seven weeks of Baby Bear three and Baby Bear four under my feet continually. No bedtimes, no formal structure, no homework for anyone! Our chance to hide from the grind of normality and return to our more feral roots.

Summer for us means a chance to bond. A chance to be ourselves; under no guidelines but our own. We eat when we want, sleep when we’re tired and go wherever our old wheels will take us. We love it!

Last year we travelled around Scotland and down to Stonehenge. We travelled an awful lot and camped in some amazingly beautiful places; quite unexpectedly so in some cases. We discovered some hidden gems right in our lap too; we have our own foreshore right on our doorstep and a myriad of amazing treats just waiting to be found.

This year we’re booked into a plethora of YHA’s (mainly for hot food and showers) as we wild camp our way about the UK. Wales is our next stop and the National Forest after that.

Who knows what we will discover this year… but we can’t wait to find out.


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8 thoughts on “ITS ALMOST TIME!

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      1. Okii. I intend going to Canada and US this fall and was planning to stop in London for a few days. But it didn’t work out. Visited London only once, ages back and would love to visit UK again. I hear that Scotland is very beautiful 💕 Let us see what plans He has for me 😊🙏

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      2. Haha, us English spend all our time dreaming of leaving this god forsaken island. Haha. It’s pretty but I’ve seen better.
        If you want a really good place to explore I would recommend new Zealand. Now that’s worth a visit.

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