I need help!


Being a housewife is easy, if you’ve ever been taught the skills. Being a cook, cleaner, maid, laundry assistant, handyman and nanny is easy if you know how. Running a house is simple, if you have a clean slate and proper routines right from the start. Running a family isn’t hard when all the groundwork is there, and a dash of support is thrown in for good measure.

But what if it’s not?

What if being a housewife isn’t easy because no-one has ever taught you the skills. What if being a cook, cleaner, maid, laundry assistant, handyman and nanny isn’t anywhere near easy and you have little idea how to do any of it let alone ability. What if the house your trying to run is falling down around your ears? Too big, too many stairs, too much, and you can’t build routines as your too busy firefighting issues to keep on top of the daily chores. What if the family your trying to run has no groundwork? What if you had only taken over full time eighteen months ago and have a myriad of issues each member suffers with as well as your own to manage.

Its all easy when you have support. Most people have friends, family and a partner to rely on. I have only one of those things most of the time and most of the time I am failing.


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