An ‘Over the Pond’ Perspective.

Fandango’s Provocative Question #28

“Do you believe that Donald Trump is an effective American president who should remain in office despite having accepted aid from a foreign adversary (Russia) and having committed obstruction of justice into the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential elections? Do you believe that Trump should or should not be impeached for his actions? Why?”

Firstly, I am not American; I am English. And secondly, I would like to say that I am in no way an expert in politics. I’ve had a recent foray into UK politics as I had an assignment on the infamous Brexit last semester at Uni. This by no means indicates any kind of knowledge but the investigations I had to commit to during that assignment left me with some very strong opinions on politics and politicians; at least those in the UK anyway. I have only ever voted once in my life as I have always been of the opinion that I cant truly get behind someone that I don’t believe in, and no-one has ever fit that bill. I voted in the UK referendum as I believed in that cause and believe still that we should leave the European Union, as it currently stands.

Anything I write is written from these perspectives and I intend to offend no-one with my lack of knowledge or comments.


People who vote these fools into office should have their right to vote taken away!


Ok, that’s a strong statement but seriously, who thought Trump or May, on my side of the water, would ever make good leaders?

I admit I know little of the American political system; I barely understand the UK version but I do understand that these people are elected by us, Joe public and I can’t fathom what on earth appealed about the people we have elected.

Now maybe it’s just me, but I find ALL politicians creepy. I see lies before they open their mouths and I have an inane distrust for each and every one of them until I can speak to them in person and really suss them out. (Its happened twice and I have learnt to appreciate cult of personality a little more.)

In the moment, they appear believable because they can speak well, (oration appears to be the politicians best tool) but surely anyone who has sat through a political speech has the capacity to then go away and really think about what was said and remove the emotion from it. Don’t they?

I know I certainly have and do! yes, in the moment they appear believable in what they are saying but I had the fortune of recording the last talk I went to and when playing it back to transcribe it at a later date, once the emotion of the event was over, I found that a lot of what was said was buzz words and rhetoric, repeated statements and set out sentences. It was very scripted and rehearsed, even down to the responses given to the supposed free floor questions and answers session that followed.

when I watch Trump talk on the news and hear about his antics on Twitter, I see nothing but a joker; a political farce. I didn’t follow his election, nor do I follow anything political but the little storyline of his ascent and subsequent dealings hits the UK headlines on a regular basis and me, like many just laugh at him and shake our heads in the typical British fashion. How did this guy get into power?

I suspect if I looked back over his campaign speeches I would find much the same as I found in Mrs May and her predecessor’s campaigns. Rhetoric, rehearsed lines and non-answers. Why do people fall for it?

If what I see and hear in the news about Trump is true then the American political system is in real trouble; corruption that is this publicly known only shows complete contempt for the people the government serves and Trump should undoubtedly be impeached for his part in what is alleged. As to his effectiveness as a leader… How effective is any leader? How do we grade them?

I have no idea if this man has done any good whilst he has been in office as across here we only see what daft and unbelievable things he has done, the man is a joke in the UK news and we do love to mock him. If I asked one of his supporters they would say he is fantastic. If I asked an opposition member they would tell me he is Satan himself; who should I believe? Who’s opinion is more valid?

If I stop with the devil’s advocate and just base my opinion on what I see and hear in the news then Trump is an ass; no doubt about that at all. He appears to have got where he is today by buying his way to the top with Daddies money and doing it all by being a bully and rich. He doesn’t deserve to be where he is at all but the law states that he is because he was voted there in a democratic way and I don’t doubt he will see out his allowed terms if something drastic doesn’t change in the thinking of the electoral public.

I believe he should go to jail if he is guilty of what he is accused, his position in office should not preclude him from the law and I do not understand how he has managed to last this long. The Wall in itself would have been enough for me to label him as mentally unstable and look to have him out of power, fast!

It seems to be a comparable thing in the politics of America and the UK at the moment; Joker Leader. You lot over there have Trump and us poor saps over here have just suffered Cameron, May and it looks likely, Boris Johnson next too!

God, Help us all!

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  1. Technically speaking, Donald Trump wasn’t voted into office by the popular vote. He lost the general election by around 3 million votes, but he did win the presidency via this crazy thing called the Electoral College that America’s founding fathers somehow thought was a good idea 250 years ago. As to the U.K., I was under the impression that the people don’t vote directly for the Prime Minister. They vote for their local members of Parliament and then the majority party in Parliament elects (or selects?) the PM. I may be wrong, though, because I’m as conversant in British politics as you are in American politics. All that said, you’re right about Trump. He is an ass.

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