The Warning.

Your Daily Word Prompt. 19/6/19. Admonish.



Go back upstairs, go back to bed!
She admonished for the 10th time,
you can’t need the toilet again,
can you? Well, everything’s just fine.
You don’t need anything else to eat,
can you listen to what I’ve said?
you don’t need another drink and
there are no monsters under the bed.
You’ve had a hug; and a kiss.
I’ve tucked you up, warm and tight,
I’ve closed the curtains, and the blinds,
and you have your nightlight.
We’ve read your stories, and found bears,
and done the whole routine,
it’s gotten to a point right now
where you are making me look mean.
You need to go to sleep right now,
my darling, baby bear,
you need to go to sleep right now,
before momma has no hair.


Any parent can identify with these nights. It doesn’t matter if they are a few weeks old or like mine, 5 and 7; they know how to push our buttons and drive us to the brink of sanity on an almost daily basis.

It’s a good job we are hard-wired to love our young because some days I think this Momma Bear may well have eaten her young at birth!

I live for my children; quite literally!

My EUPD leaves me with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis but the one thing that keeps me here is my children. I worry about my future when they all fly the nest, as I’ve found out from BB leaving, I don’t cope well at all with Empty Nest Syndrome; God help me when the last one leaves. I fear I’ll have nothing left to live for.

I’m Hoping the arrival of Mini Bears (Grandbabies) will give me something to focus my energies on other than moaning about my kids and their eventually leaving. lol.

Hope you enjoyed the poem.



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