Baby bear goes to hospital.


Today is the day I have been fighting for since baby bear was tiny, he finally gets to have the exploratory investigation he’s been waiting for for the last 6 years.

When BB3 was born he wasn’t quite right! Most parents will understand the joys of newborn nappies, he was my 3rd surviving baby and so I was prepared; nappies and wipes a-plenty. But I needn’t have bothered really!

Baby bear didn’t poop, at all, until he was 9 weeks old! You see, he was born with an umbilical hernia and a sealed and malformed foreskin; poor mite couldn’t even pee when he was born and had to have a slit created at birth, which caused him repeated pain.

The NHS left him with the hernia, which is supposed to be fixed by aged 1. He was just over 5 when they sorted it, leaving him with toiletting issues, constipation and Encopresis (a psychological condition where the child holds onto their faeces)

He is nearly 8 now, hes a little man but still has to wear nappies at night and is doubly incontinent if left to his own devices and not badgered to use the loo constantly, yet it’s only now they are investigating his nether regions to find out if there is a physical problem!

I feel so bad for him having to go through this at this age when I have been shouting for help for years with him. Why did they have to leave him so long? Why have they chose to ignore the situation until it becomes so dire? I’m utterly furious in all honestly but relieved it is finally being done.

Fingers crossed it all goes well and as mad as it sounds I really hope they don’t find a physical problem. (BB’s cousin has hershprungs disease and so the worry is that there is a link with him, so were all hoping it’s all in his head.)

We will know by the end of the month.

Wish us luck. Xx

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