Daddy Issues.

Word of the Day Challenge. 16/6/19. DADDY.


A poem I wrote a long time a go.


Daddy Issues.

When I was one, life had just begun
When I was two, my brother was new
when I was three, I sat on your knee
When I was four, you weren’t there anymore
When I was five, my sisters alive
When I was six, I remember your tricks
When I was seven, you said you’d send me to heaven
When I was eight, you just couldn’t wait
When I was nine, you had taken what was mine
When I was ten I had to live it all over again

Oh Daddy one day I hope you will see
Just how much pain you’ve placed in me
Cos every single day since then
I’ve lived it all, again and again.

He wasn’t actually my father by blood, only in name but he was there from birth so he was my father.

He never did see legal justice, not for want of trying. 4 hung juries and a mistrial later and I had to give up as I had another breakdown.

He finally passed away last year; alone and lonely with not a single person who cared for him.

That was my justice. Karma!


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