Why do I keep falling for it?

Your Daily Word Prompt & Word of the Day Challenge. 16/6/19. INSINCERE & SHINE


Insincere people shine like a beacon to me, most of the time. I can usually smell their bull when they enter a room but there are those rare few that completely bowls me over and suck me in; usually, they are the ones closest to me, the ones who’s actions affect me the most.

Twice in the last year, it has happened. Twice!

Baby bear no 2 was the first. She moved out abruptly when she had her daughter because we fell out over her and her boyfriend lying to me for months on end. They had been telling me they intended to live with us for at least a year, allowing me to spend money on a nursery that was never going to be used and plan a future that was never going to happen. It caused my most recent breakdown and I’m still trying to recover from it and attempt to rebuild my relationship with BB2.

The second was only yesterday. The fella and I have been planning a project for months. It’s not a project I’m into, its solely to make him happy but I was behind it 100%, for him. He’s said a few times about issues we may have with it that could mean we couldn’t go ahead but he’s never once said he didn’t want to do it anymore until yesterday when he started an argument out of the blue over it. There was no need for an argument at all, he only needed to say and I would have been behind him with it, it’s not like I wanted to do it anyways, it was all for him!

Why do people feel the need to hide the truth from me and be deceitful, insincere?

Why do I keep getting sucked into believing a certain pathway only to be disappointed in the end?

Answers in the comments box please, I need help with this one!



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