Some days!

Some days you just can’t win no matter what you do.

My neighbours hate me for stuff I haven’t even done to them.

My older kids only want me when they want or need something; they spend more time falling out with me than not.

My little kids won’t do anything I ask of them, no amount of reward charts and consequences seem to make a difference.

My mother can’t be bothered with any of us since she bailed and moved to Spain 8 years ago; the only time I hear from her is if the rent is due.

And my fella, well, I can’t work out what he wants from me. I thought we were planning the future a certain way but hes now decided that’s a bad idea.

He’s just started an argument with me over exactly all the things I’ve just stated; everyone hating me and I honestly think he doesn’t want to be with me because of them.

It’s all too much hassle and bother for him; too much hard work. He wants a quiet, orderly life where nothing goes wrong and theres no drama. He doesn’t want this and unfortunately for me ‘this’ is my life; ergo, he doesn’t want me.

How long have I got left?

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