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Your Daily Word Prompt & Word of the Day Challenge. 13/6/19. INSIDIOUS & TEMPT


I’ve lived in this house, this time around, for the last six years.

We originally moved into the house in 1996 when my grandmother died and left the house to mum. I moved out again midway through 1997. I came back in 2002 for a year and again in 2007 whilst my own house was rebuilt after the floods, we lived here for six months before going home again. In 2013 we came back and settled; I made it my marital home until that ended but I’m still here.

My neighbours have been here my entire life, she and her husband moving in roughly 10 years after my grandma did, sometime in the 60s. She never wanted us to get the house after grandma passed and she made it known. The war between her and my mum and brother raged on for years with petty squabbles and insidious vendettas against each other; throwing cat cr&p across each other’s wall and into the gardens to get at each other.

My mother and brother are long gone, both moved out many years ago, but she seems content in continuing her vendetta; only now it’s against Me. As far as I’m aware I have never done anything, other than being related to mum and my brother, other than living in this house, that could have pi&$ed off! Yet she’s snidely and nasty and relentless. It’s almost like she can’t let the past go. When her husband died earlier in the year, I thought she would have some compassion, being a fellow widow; but this made little difference, she’s still as bad.

Two weeks ago I had too much to go in my normal waste bin. I had watched her go out in the morning with her, very light looking, wheelie bin ready for the binmen and so on my way to school I checked how much was in her bin and I placed just one black bin liner into her bin. I didn’t contaminate her bin with anything that shouldn’t have been in there, I only placed into the bin its allowed contents and contained it in a double bagged bin liner so as not to spill.

For a lady in advanced years, (I’d say she’s at least 75) she’s remarkably sprightly! She flew out of the front door and down to the bottom of the front garden yelling and shouting that I should immediately remove the bag from her bin. She screamed at me and shouted at me, demanding that I had to take it out, to which I refused, under the grounds that had done nothing wrong.

I even asked her where she would prefer the rubbish to be. Did she want it in the garden attracting rats; seeing as we lived only a few hundred yards from the drain? She eventually gave up and went in but has been off with me since, muttering under her breath when she sees me, and loudly talking in her back garden about how much she hates me knowing full well I can hear her, as can any guests I have.

This week she’s gone to new lows. I was quietly sat in the living room this morning when things started falling from the TV corner, just little ornaments, nothing broke but it scared the life out of me and when I finally realised what it was that was happening I rushed outside and found Her in the passageway between the two houses pushing my coaxial aerial cable back through the wall. To my mind, it looks like she pulled it off the wall and was slowly feeding it back through the hole that led to my TV.

When I shouted at her to stop, she denied that she did anything, stating that the wire was already pulled off and that she was just making it safe. On realising it was her and after yelling to stop I came back in, shaking. I didn’t want to have a confrontation as the kids were still here; not yet gone to school. After the school run, on the way back into the house, she appeared again, this time being apologetic. Telling me I needed to ring the council and police and report that somebody had ripped my wires off; because no person should do that, it was wrong. I rolled my eyes and just flippantly said “yeah yeah!” And walked away.

That’s when she really got nasty. She started shouting and I turned and said, “Don’t tempt me!” I had to get her to stop shouting or I would cry and so I lost my cool instead and shouted at her first. “What is your problem with me? I know you have a problem with my mum and my brother but I’m nothing to do with either of them; other than that I live in this house and I am related to both. I am nothing to do with them. I don’t speak to them and I don’t see them but you continue to have a go at me for things they’ve done!” She turned to me and screamed that the problem wasn’t with them at all, it was with my husband.

Now, I split up with my husband in 2016, it’s now 2019 and she knows full well that I have nothing to do with him. Why is she now having a go at me for something that he’s done that I knew nothing about? I screamed this much, and possibly told her just how crazy I thought she was. I ended up walking away shaking; came back in and locked the door, sat on the floor and just cried.

I had half the street curtain twitching this morning, those that didn’t just brazen it out and stand staring on their doorsteps anyways. I daren’t leave the house now, I’m so embarrassed and scared of a repeat performance. I don’t understand why she continues to feel the need to have a go at me? We’ve got no bad blood between us other than her argument with me over other people’s issues; my association by proxy! What can I do about her? How can I make her understand how much it affects me when she does this? How can I make her stop?

Answers on a postcard please! (or at least in the comments box!)


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