Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  7/6/19. “open book, point, write.”

(Pocket Study Skills by Gary Thomas. page 5. line 11. word 4.)

Picked for me by my two baby bears, Lill Man & Lill Miss.




I hate my bathroom with a passion. It has been the cause of constant stress for me for around six years now and it doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon.

I blame the damned place for the untimely demise of my Lee; as I was making him help me rip out the old shower the day before he passed from a massive heart attack. He should have been resting but I literally worked him to death instead. Hindsight eh!

When I moved in it was a disabled bathroom; huge walk-in shower with fold up wall seat, standard toilet and sink unit. It was nice and functional and most importantly, it worked. Then I got pregnant with little miss and things became a problem. No bath with a newborn isn’t easy at all. Babies are very slippery when wet; as I found out in a flurry of arm flapping, suds and panic!

The day after that incident, the husband (now ex) tore out the shower and put in an old bath he had raided from a skip; and there the problems started. Its been constant leaks since. There are so many wet stains on my kitchen ceiling I’m starting to think I should be wearing a hard hat when I go in there.

Its had two or three tear out and re-builds since and it still leaks! Mostly because each and every time its been done, it been done on the cheap, by me. What it really needs is a professional to come in and re-do the whole thing; but who has the cash for that eh!?

I’m a single mother and a full-time student on only basic state benefits and disability benefits. Student loans barely cover what I need to survive and so money isn’t an option for the bathroom.

Instead, I have had to teach myself a multitude of skills. Plastering, Plumbing, Tiling, Bathroom fitting, Flooring. YouTube is a fantastic resource but it can only take you so far, and you guessed it… It STILL leaks!

I HATE my bathroom, but it will not break me!










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