Stream of Consciousness Saturday. 7/6/19. “open book, point, write.”

Stream of Consciousness Saturday.   “open book, point, write.”

(Pocket Study Skills by Gary Thomas. page 5. line 11. word 4.)

Picked for me by my two baby bears, Lill Man & Lill Miss.




I hate my bathroom with a passion. It has been the cause of constant stress for me for around six years now and it doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon.

I blame the damned place for the untimely demise of my Lee; as I was making him help me rip out the old shower the day before he passed from a massive heart attack. He should have been resting but I literally worked him to death instead. Hindsight eh!

When I moved in it was a disabled bathroom; huge walk-in shower with fold up wall seat, standard toilet and sink unit. It was nice and functional and most importantly, it worked. Then I got pregnant with little miss and things became a problem. No bath with a newborn isn’t easy at all. Babies are very slippery when wet; as I found out in a flurry of arm flapping, suds and panic!

The day after that incident, the husband (now ex) tore out the shower and put in an old bath he had raided from a skip; and there the problems started. Its been constant leaks since. There are so many wet stains on my kitchen ceiling I’m starting to think I should be wearing a hard hat when I go in there.

Its had two or three tear out and re-builds since and it still leaks! Mostly because each and every time its been done, it been done on the cheap, by me. What it really needs is a professional to come in and re-do the whole thing; but who has the cash for that eh!?

I’m a single mother and a full-time student on only basic state benefits and disability benefits. Student loans barely cover what I need to survive and so money isn’t an option for the bathroom.

Instead, I have had to teach myself a multitude of skills. Plastering, Plumbing, Tiling, Bathroom fitting, Flooring. YouTube is a fantastic resource but it can only take you so far, and you guessed it… It STILL leaks!

I HATE my bathroom, but it will not break me!











Author: LillBlu1981

Proud, single mum of 2. Has EUPD/BPD.

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