Come and join the riverbank party.

Six Word Saturday challenge. 7/6/19. Come and join the Riverbank Party.


Come and join the riverbank party.

hello world blurred.jpg


Last year was the year that I discovered the joys and delights of Free Camping; and introduced a few others to the jaunts too.

There is nothing more liberating and enjoyable than rocking up somewhere, stealthily making camp and clearing out again before being found out.

The kids and I have been all over the country but our favourite place is right on our doorstep and constantly reminds me that the best things can often be found right under your nose; if you only take the time to look.

Some of my best memories of 2018 have been on the riverbank. The one above especially so as it was the last time Baby bear came with us. The pic is of her partner, she lives with him and my newest Minni Bear, Eevee Lee. (Baby bear honoured my late partner with the continuation of his name and I am so proud of her for that.)










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