Word of the Day Challenge. 4/6/19. ROPE.



The rope bit just a little harder than was bearable and she cried out.

He didn’t care and just continued his routine. Making sure each knot was tight and true; unable to fail at a crucial moment.

She could smell excitement on his skin when he drew closer; mixed with cheap aftershave and even cheaper cigarettes.

He smells like an inexperienced boy but the strength of which he took her and the deftness of his rope skills suggests, a man older in years and experience.

She couldn’t work him out; couldn’t place where she could know him from or why he wanted her.

He seemed familiar and a stranger all in one; she was afraid, and a little excited too.

“What is he going to do to Me?”



#LillBlu1981 #brazycitch1981 #WordOfTheDay #depression #anxiety #BPD #EUPD


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