A bit about EUPD.

Frission. Daily word prompt. 2/6/19.

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I know this feeling; fission. I know it with an intensity above what is normal.

Most of you know I have EUPD/BPD, but do any of you know how this condition and attachment issues go hand in hand?

Do any of you know how a simple case of frission can lead to an instant, deep bond being felt on the part of the EUPD sufferer that is not often shared by the recipient or over-egged to be more than it is?

I know from my own history that frission is dangerous to me because it cons me into thinking there is something magical in this new encounter; something exciting or amazing, when in fact it’s just a minor connection.

I have lost many people in my life because of this lie. Over the years I have pushed good people away on the promise of something better only to find out that I was the only one with those goals in mind. I was massively over blowing just how good these new relationships were because of that feeling; that fission.

Nowadays; now that I know what it is and how it affects me, I have learnt to challenge what I sense in those first few moments of a new meeting. I have learnt to be cautious.

Fission can be a wonderful sensation but for me…

Fission is dangerous!







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