Nostalgic. Daily word prompt. 26/5/19


Bit of nostalgia for today’s post…

I wrote this at roughly the same time (18 years ago) as the previous poem I posted but again, it could have been written yesterday. I still think and feel the same, trapped in the never ending cycle that is my existence.


Questions running around my head

All day long from dawn till bed

Silly things that never stop

Things that make my head go pop

Is it me or is it the world around

Sometimes I wish I could go to ground

Run away, run away and hide

To a place where I could forget my pride

Free from all the bad that seems to follow

Me from place to place, all the sorrow

For once I wish things would turn out good

For once just be the way they should

But so many things keep me here

Everything I love and hold so dear

Would they be better off without me?

Would they have a better life, be free?

As I said, questions…

Questions running round my head

Every day from waking till bed

Silly things that never stop

Things that make my head go pop!







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