Whats your narrative?

Narrative. Daily word prompt, 19/5/19


What’s your narrative?

When your alone with your thoughts, what goes through your mind?

Are you a worrier, a planner, a day dreamer, a fantasist? All or non of the above?

If you had to write your life story, what section of the book shop would your novel fall under?

I’ve found myself contemplating many of these questions of late and I find it almost impossible to come to any concrete conclusions.

Perhaps that’s the ever changing nature of my condition; a clear lack of sense of self pervading through.

If I wrote my life story no one would believe that it wasn’t a work of fiction. Even the soaps don’t have as much far fetched drama as seems to follow me through every step of my existence.

My narrative wouldn’t follow any logic or reason. It has, so far, had no permanent characters or cohesive themes.

My narrative is just a collection of random short stories punctuated by empty pages and overly positive memes; as I dance around between the charms and peaks of my mental health dramas.

I wish I knew how this narrative played out.

I wish I knew who the author was!





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