What is there left?

I can't scream for help any longer. I'm too tired. I can't cling onto the shreds of a life I'll never have and long for someone to hold me and never let me go. I can't keep hoping to get better when there isn't any help available or anyone who cares. I've been strong for... Continue Reading →

Will I ever?

Will I ever be anything more than that scared little girl, hiding under the bed so the monster cant get to me? Am I ever going to be anything more than the outsider, that no one wants around? Will I ever be more than the fat kid with braces who no one admits to being... Continue Reading →

2 minutes of your time.

That's all it would take to let someone know that you're ok. That's all it would take to stop someone's heart and mind racing, searching for answers and hoping you're alive. Just 2 little minutes, less time than it takes to use the loo or make a coffee. That's all it would need to stave... Continue Reading →

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