So proud of myself!

Day 4 of Aussie flu and the fevers finally broke. Unfortunately so did the toilet! But there I was layed on the bathroom floor, up to my armpit in the soil pipe, hand scooping rivers of shit and baby wipes my darling lil bears have flushed. I had a meltdown and cried that I had... Continue Reading →

Aussie flu

Good luck to anyone who has it. Try to stay hydrated as much as possible the NHS says. They don't tell you how to cope on your own with 3 kids tho which is the advice I really could do with right now.


I feel so ill. I know it's just a cold but it's a good one, and the first one as a single parent. The kids have it too but where as I'm ready to crawl back into bed and cry myself to sleep, they just want to nag and whine and fight. 2018 is already... Continue Reading →

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