The mind works in mysterious ways, so they say. Thinking about this word, proclivity, sets my mind on a tangent but eventually settled on this thought.

Is Christmas just a proclivity?

Is it just a habit we chose to perpetuate year after year without any purpose to it?

My thoughts take me through the logic of it. Asking questions of its validity. I know I’m not religious so don’t celebrate for those reasons.

I find that I celebrate it for the kids benefit. So that they don’t miss out. But not this year.

This year there was just myself, baby bear, lill man and lill miss. There was no hype. The kids were excited and loved opening their gifts. We had the usual fight at teatime, (trying to negotiate broccoli consumption with a 3 and 6 year old is always a chore!) And bedtime went by just as always. It was just like any other day and no one complained we didn’t do the hype. (I don’t recommend becoming a widow and Christmas. Not feeling it this year!)

Is it just my proclivity in the past that kept the self perpetuating holiday hype going?

Are my kids missing out even though they seem not to have noticed?

Should I feel selfish?





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